W  A  T  T  S

WATTS reviews consumer electronics devices and other products frequently and thoroughly so you know without hesitation what works and what does not. We like buying tools, apps, and new products that are hassle-free, work out of the box, are simple to program, reliable, reasonably price, and preferably "Made In America" (and serviced)!

We work hard to test and analyze for you the very best solutions for people young, old, or in the middle who need technology's "bridges" to access the world around them, education, and career goals, community, and all the places, events, and life experiences they desire. We see low- and high-tech items everyday that help in a variety of ways; new ways to access school, technology, learning, entertainments, hear better in crowded rooms, communicate with others, keep ourselves strong and healthy, keep in touch with caregivers, and so much more. Our page will analyze many different products for you and we will only recommend what we would buy for ourselves; the best and easiest to use, highest quality and durability for the most reasonable cost, availability, service, and consistent function.