The Octa brand Lynx Tablet Stand ​(pictured on left above) may be the best tablet stand ever invented for many special needs people. Many styles are available to hold any size tablet or device; its high-quality easy-to-use racketing placement system will allow you to attach the stand VERY easily and securely to a variety of tables, bars, and other surfaces. For anyone who wants hands-free, stable, easy to control use of their tablets in any location, this is the device to own. So simple to move or remove the device and stand in seconds! Reasonably price, excellent quality materials and design, quick USA delivery, warranty, 3 easily connected pieces (no tools required), one-button device or stand releases, and completely easy to use. This is recommended for quick use and adaptability to many environments. Waterproof,cleanable, durable. The SPIDER (pictured right above) holds the tablet in the same secure manner, but is designed to sit on a counter independently or be adjusted to the environment using the flexible arm.Also useful in situations where a clamping device is not practical.

Video Review by Flossy Carter

Product Review and How-To's:

​Learn the pros and cons of current assistive technology products. The best ones are offered on our products page. Reviews and home trials are done Hands-On by our staff and real SPED students. Send us your comments and questions. Our Criteria: 

  • Does it work (like advertised)!
  • Ease of directions and programming the device
  • Durability (waterproof?) and battery life
  • Size and life expectancy with normal use
  • Manufacturer details (Made or serviced in USA?)

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