W  A  T  T  S


FIDGETS       are  for       FUN!!

Our human minds process a wealth of sensory information each day.

We use this information for many purposes and skills, but for most of us there come times when we are overwhelmed, unable to process all the information, changes, and events coming at us. We all need ways to relax, de-stress, and recharge. Here you will see products we've found useful for sleeping, relaxing,  processing thought, coping, stress-management, and meeting sensory and artistic needs which will enhance your learning, coping, and communication skills. We call these "FIDGETS." 

FIDGETS HELP US COPE WITH STRESS. FIDGETS can be tactile, musical, visual, auditory, kinesthetic, game-based, project-based, hobbies, habits, and supplemental items that help our conscious minds relax, and our physical and sub-conscious states synchronize and harmonize; that help us gain energy, breath, and recharge. We encourage you to consider a wide (and silly) variety of things that can help make you laugh more! Laughter is the best medicine.....

On this page we review and suggest solutions for FIDGETS!